Simply Better Chocolate.

Great dark chocolate makes healthy snacking a simple choice.

Less Sugar, More Yum!

We know that premium chocolate should be more about what you can have and less about what you shouldn’t. So, we made the conscious choice to use only as much organic sugar as was needed to underscore our chocolate’s already delightful taste, without any artificial sweeteners or “natural flavor enhancers”. Our chocolate is low in sugar and high in cacao.

Simple Recipe + High Quality Ingredients, Made By Chocolatiers, Not by Food Scientists

Born from over a century of confectionary and chocolate making experience, we’ve always believed that the path to great taste begins with uncomplicated ingredients. Why mess with the beauty that nature provides – indulge in simplicity.

Make Your Everyday Healthy + Delicious

ChocXO is a premium dark chocolate that focuses on natural, simple ingredients. We believe in using the best that nature has to offer – which is why our delicious chocolate is low in real sugar, maintaining Keto Certification without any of the aftertaste associated with alternative sweeteners.

Try Your Next Healthy Everyday Snack

All the chocolatey goodness and easy on blood sugar 😍 ♥

– Dana, Cushing Health

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