Treat Yourself, Better.

Great snacking starts with simple ingredients. No substitutions, no additives, no need to trick your tastebuds – simply real, simply better.

Making More With Less

At ChocXO, we’ve only ever wanted to make great dark chocolate – offering a healthier, natural, organic product that is both simple and artisanal in nature. As chocolatiers, we’ve spent years spanning multiple generations seeking out the foundation of great chocolate, developing recipes using unique, fine flavor cocoa beans that are naturally nutty, fruity, and less bitter than more traditional beans. Less bitterness means less need for additional sugar—no overcompensation, no need to mask its terrific natural flavor.

ChocXO – Chocolate made by chocolatiers, not food scientists.

Problem + Solution

It can be difficult to find a healthy, great-tasting, low sugar and high cacao real, organic dark chocolate without sugar substitutes, sugar alcohols, or strange aftertastes.

Our solution? A pure and simple chocolate, low in real sugar and high in great taste – our 85% cacao, Keto Certified dark chocolate is “a chocoholics delight”.

ChocXO Path

Healthy, organic, low in sugar, high in cacao and Keto friendly – check, check, check, check. But our commitment starts and stops with one primary belief: great chocolate should never come with guilt, and healthier chocolate should never come with an asterisk.

Dietary Certifications

Our products are low in real sugar and most are keto-certified (it’s true!), making them the best choice for anyone looking for a great snack and a healthy lifestyle. ChocXO has been vetted through dieticians and nutritionists, and maintains multiple certifications throughout our product line from USDA Organic, Keto Foundation, and Project Verified NON GMO.

Our Ingredients

For generations, we’ve believed that the finest natural ingredients make for the best dark chocolate. It’s why we’ve spent years seeking out each flavourful piece of the ChocXO puzzle, ensuring a truly great chocolate taste with each rich, cocoa fuelled bite. From crunchy nuts to crispy quinoa, sweet coconut to tangry fruit – every ingredient is carefully selected to create a chocolate experience unlike any other.

Our Line of Products