Truly Indulgent. Lower Sugar. Always Organic.

No substitutions, no additives – just true chocolate indulgence, made with the simplest organic ingredients.

Chocolatiers on a Mission

We set out to make the most mouth-watering delicious chocolate and make it better for you and the planet. We created truly indulgent chocolates, naturally lower in sugar (without artificial sweeteners), with simple, high-quality organic ingredients.

Wondering how we do it?

Carefully-selected, organically-formed cocoa beans create a naturally flavorful canvas for our chocolatiers to craft with. Mastering the foundations of great chocolate results in, well, great chocolate!

Truly Indulgent

We spent years developing, testing and refining our recipes to craft the richest, most indulgent chocolate. When it comes to chocolate, taste wins every time.

Lower Sugar

By sourcing the best organic ingredients, we can make chocolates with less sugar that taste amazing. All Chocxo products have significantly less sugar than their mainstream alternatives and never use artificial sweeteners.

Always Organic

Organic ingredients not only deliver the best flavor, but are kinder to the environment, too.

Quality + Dietary Credentials

All Chocxo products are reviewed by dieticians and nutritionists, and maintain various certifications including: USDA Organic, Project Verified Non-GMO, Certified Gluten Free, Kosher and Keto Certified.

Our Certifications

Our Line of Products