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ChocXO Keto Snaps - Raspberry Quinoa Snaps

85% Cacao, Keto, Low Calorie, Low Sugar, Organic

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$20.00/4 Bags

Chocolate and fruit, a timeless combination that we all love. But who knew it could be as good for your body as it is for your tastebuds? Rich dark chocolate that’s low in sugar, tart raspberry, and crispy quinoa come together to make a one of a kind snack that’s bound to have you coming back for more.

You may receive products in the old packaging due to high volumes of stocked packaging.

Organic dark chocolate (organic cocoa mass, organic cocoa butter, organic low-fat cocoa powder, organic cane sugar, organic vanilla extract), organic quinoa crisp, organic freeze dried raspberries.

  • Serving Size: 28g (2 pieces), 170 Cal;
  • 85% cacao;
  • 4g of sugar.

Produced on equipment that also processes: milk, soy, peanuts and other tree nuts.

Organic, Non GMO, Keto, Gluten Free, Kosher.

Crumbled on a yogurt bowl. Delish!

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With ChocXO You Can Enjoy Low Calorie + Low Sugar Snacks Everyday

Low in sugar doesn’t mean low in flavour. From the beginning we set out to make delicious snacks packed with quality ingredients, using just enough natural sugar to bring it all together. Higher quality beans means less need for added sugars and calories – it’s that simple. 

Keto Snacks = Delicious + Healthy

ChocXO Keto snacks are made with our high cacao content, fine flavor dark chocolate. With high quality chocolate comes less need for additional sugar, reducing it significantly to make our products very low in real sugar and carbohydrates.

Each of our Keto products are certified by a third party as Keto Compliant. To receive this certification, a snack item portion must contain less than 6 grams of total carbohydrates. By dramatically reducing the natural cane sugar content in our chocolate, we are well under Keto certification limits. So feel free to snack healthily, knowing you are keeping your sugar and carb intake to a bare minimum.

ChocXO Keto Snaps - Raspberry Quinoa Snaps

$20.00/4 Bags