Chocxo Partners with ICAM and Cuencas de Huallaga to Provide Accessible Water in Nuevo Juanjui, Peru

Chocxo Partners with ICAM and Cuencas de Huallaga to Provide Accessible Water in Nuevo Juanjui, Peru

Organic, Better-for-You and Better-for-Planet Chocolate Brand Transforms Lives by Enabling Running Water to Over 480 Residents in Cacao Growing Cooperative Community


Vancouver, BC (September 21, 2023) – Chocxo, the truly indulgent, lower sugar and organic chocolate brand, announced its recent community service initiative facilitated in partnership with ICAM S.p.A., an Italian family-owned company founded in 1946 specializing in the production of high-quality organic chocolate, and Cuencas de Huallaga, a cacao-growing cooperative in Peru, to bring running water to the local community of Nuevo Juanjui, one of the Cuencas de Huallaga communities that grows organic cacao used in Chocxo’s chocolates.


This community impact project began in mid-July and was completed on September 19th to benefit the lives of more than 480 residents and 120 homes in Nuevo Juanjui, Peru. Prior to the project's completion, the community members from Nuevo Juanjui would collect water from the nearest river for basic daily activities such as bathing, drinking, cooking, and laundry. This previous water collection method exposed the community to risks of infectious and parasitic diseases from contaminated water.


As a result of this three-party collaborative service project, families, along with the local school and medical clinic, now have water that flows directly into their homes, significantly enhancing the community's quality of life and well-being, as aligned to the UN’s Social Development Goal #6 in relation to Clean Water and Sanitation.


“Our dedication to sourcing sustainable organic cacao is at the heart of our mission to make truly indulgent chocolate that is better for you and the planet,” said Peter Higgins, President of Chocxo and Chewters Chocolates. “Sustainably-sourced, organic cacao from Peru, among other regions, is critical to Chocxo’s ability to deliver true indulgence with less sugar. We are committed to collaborating with partners within the supply chain to create a lasting positive impact on the lives of our cacao-growing farmers that produce Chocxo's high-quality, organic cacao and in turn allow us to delight consumers across the globe.” 


This extensive project encompassed various critical components to ensure reliable water delivery to the community of Nuevo Juanjui. To begin, a substantial 22.5 M3 capacity water reservoir was constructed to serve as a vital storage and filtration system, drawing water from the nearby river. To facilitate the distribution of this critical resource, approximately 270 linear meters of pipes were laid, connecting the river's collection point to the uppermost part of the community, where the water filtration reservoir was located. Reinforced concrete walls and sleepers were built to support the essential reservoir and related catchment. Further extending the reach of clean water, an intricate matrix network of pipes was laid, ensuring that every home, the local school, and the community’s medical clinic would benefit from receiving running water for their daily activities. Two high-power water pumps were also installed, playing pivotal roles in transporting river water to both the water catchment and the primary reservoir, and ultimately delivering this resource directly to the community's homes, schools, and medical clinic.


During the project, two members of Chocxo’s team were on-site to participate in the project's progress, meet the community leaders and beneficiaries, and share Chocxo products with the community, many of whom had never had the opportunity to experience and enjoy the end-product of their harvest. 


“I am proud of Chocxo’s commitment to undertaking community initiatives that make a real impact with our growing communities,” said Kristen Mandel, Vice President of Marketing and Innovation of Chocxo and Chewters Chocolates. “During the visit to Peru, it was inspiring to engage in heartfelt conversations with farmers and their families on how direct-to-home running water will positively impact their lives. It was also inspiring to witness their dedication to sustainable organic farming practices and to discuss the important role that has in delivering the unique, exquisite taste of the cacao that comes to life in every Chocxo product. This project reaffirms our belief in the power of collaboration and community building, and Chocxo is honored to make a lasting impact for the growing community of Nuevo Juanjui.”


For more information about Chocxo, visit or check out @ChocxoChocolatier on Instagram, and @ChocxoChocolatiers on Facebook.


About Chocxo

Born from decades of chocolate making experience, Chocxo was founded in 2014 by passionate chocolatiers on a mission to share the joy of truly indulgent chocolate that is naturally better for you and the planet. Chocxo crafts a line of truly indulgent premium chocolates from simple, organic ingredients that are naturally lower in sugar (without artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols). Chocxo chocolates are made from sustainably-sourced organic cocoa beans that are naturally more flavorful, hence, needing less sugar to taste incredible. Chocxo’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups, Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Cups and Dark Chocolate Coconut Cups have recently won product awards from Good Housekeeping, Cosmopolitan and DeliciousLiving, among others. Chocxo is a proud partner of RePurpose Global and all Chocxo products are Certified Plastic Neutral. All Chocxo chocolates are made in Vancouver, BC, and ship to chocolate lovers worldwide.

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