Chocxo Expands New Dark Chocolate Coconut Cup Distribution with Costco U.S.

Chocxo Expands New Dark Chocolate Coconut Cup Distribution with Costco U.S.

Award-Winning Better-for-You Chocolate Brand Increases US Presence with New Dark Chocolate Coconut Cups Available in Over 150 Costco Clubs Across the Nation


Vancouver, BC (April 11, 2023) – Chocxo, the truly indulgent, organic chocolate brand that is naturally lower in sugar, has officially launched its New Dark Chocolate Coconut Cups in 169 Costco clubs across the United States.

Chocxo’s New Dark Chocolate Coconut Cups, that launched in March 2023, are now available in Costco locations in select regions including the greater Los Angeles area, Texas and the Northeast, and will expand to additional Costco clubs in the Southeast in the coming month. Chocolate lovers can also find the New Dark Chocolate Coconut Cups on Amazon, on, and in all Mother’s Market locations in Southern California. Internationally, the new Dark Chocolate Coconut Cups are available across Costco Canada and Costco Mexico locations.

“We are thrilled about our partnership with Costco to bring our New Dark Chocolate Coconut Cups to more consumers who desire a better-for-you chocolate option that delivers on indulgence and is made of simple, organic ingredients. At Chocxo, we are passionate chocolatiers on a mission to deliver great tasting chocolates that are better for you and the planet.” said Peter Higgins, President of Chocxo Chocolatier. “We are excited for Costco members to be able to try this newest Chocxo innovation before it’s widely available across the U.S.”

Chocxo’s new Dark Chocolate Coconut Cup features organic coconut that is mixed with a slightly sweet white chocolate before being encased in an 85% cacao organic dark chocolate shell. The intense dark chocolate compliments the sweet nutty flavor of the coconut, without overpowering it, for a truly indulgent, lower sugar, organic treat. As with all Chocxo products, Chocxo’s new Dark Chocolate Coconut Cups are made with carefully-selected, sustainably-sourced cocoa beans that are naturally flavorful and less bitter, which means less sugar is needed to deliver the mouth-watering delicious taste. Only a small amount of organic cane sugar is used to underscore the chocolate’s naturally delightful taste, without any artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols. One cup has 80 calories, and 3g of sugar and is Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, KETO-Certified and Kosher.

Additionally, earlier this year Chocxo partnered with rePurpose Global, the world’s leading Plastic Action Platform, to fund the recovery of as much nature-bound plastic waste as the brand uses in the manufacturing and packaging of its products. Chocxo’s commitment will enable the removal of approximately 20,000 pounds of plastic waste each year, the equivalent of over half a million plastic bottles, that would otherwise end up polluting the natural environment. This action on plastic waste by Chocxo is part of a wider plastic action strategy by the brand that includes plastic waste reduction while on their path to 100% recyclability and compostability.

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About Chocxo
Born from over a century of confectionery and chocolate making experience combined, Chocxo was founded in 2014 by passionate chocolatiers on a mission to share the joy of truly indulgent chocolate that is naturally better for you and the planet. Chocxo crafts a line of truly indulgent premium chocolates from simple, organic ingredients that are naturally lower in sugar (without artificial sweeteners). Chocxo chocolates are made from sustainably-sourced organic cocoa beans that are naturally more flavorful, hence, needing less sugar to taste incredible. Chocxo Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups have been recognized by Good Housekeeping as the Best Chocolate Nut Butter Cup and by Cosmopolitan as the Best Chocolate Snack. Chocxo is a proud partner of RePurpose Global and all Chocxo products are Certified Plastic Neutral. All Chocxo chocolates are made in Vancouver, BC, and ship to chocolate lovers worldwide.

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