Truly indulgent. Lower sugar. Always organic

From the beginning we set out to make the most mouth-watering delicious chocolate and make it better for you and the planet, using just enough natural sugar to bring it all together. High quality, organic ingredients mean less need for added sugars. We believe the most indulgent things can also be the simplest.

Quality Organic Ingredients = Truly Indulgent and Lower Sugar

Chocxo products are crafted using carefully selected, organically-farmed cocoa beans. Beginning with high-quality chocolate is our secret to creating exceptional chocolate with naturally lower sugar.

We only sweeten with a small amount of organic cane sugar, never any artificial sweeteners. Using organic cane sugar gives our chocolate a truly indulgent taste that is sure to satisfy a chocolate craving. 

With only 2-5 grams of sugar and no artificial sweeteners, it’s hard to resist our variety of individually wrapped chocolates.